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November 11, 2014

Liking the Note 4

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It is great. I just got 3 spare batteries by Samsung from Best Buy.
The battery lasts 12 to 14 hours of heavy to regular use.
“OK Google” works very well.
And the screen is fantastic!
Calera is the best yet;-)




October 11, 2011

Great new book by my friend Leslie Ann Keatley

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“The Sea Wall” get it now tell me what you think of it.

Welcome to Moss Ridge, California, where the weather is pleasant, the houses are huge, and the Cheerleaders rule the local high school. Caroline, their leader, is what you’d call a bully. And Audrey Kelly is her prey.

It’s been that way since middle school. Now, in their junior year, Audrey’s reached her breaking point. After all the torment, she’s ready for some payback, and with the help of her friends she wages war on Caroline, ruining her car, her clothes, and her reputation, and taking down the rest of the Cheerleaders in the process.

But soon Audrey’s so-called harmless pranks get out of hand, and tragedy ensues. Suddenly, revenge does not taste so sweet. Wracked with guilt, she flees to Mississippi, where no one knows her and she can start life over. There she finds a new home and a new love. And, when a massive hurricane hits that threatens to take it all away, she also finds an inner strength she never knew she had.



Buy it now!







Leslie Keatley-Clark

August 23, 2011


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Wrap main unit… wrap second unit… wrap splinter…
Loaded up and trucking we got a long way to go and a short time to get there…

August 17, 2011

New tool for motivation.

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Just got my hands on the new Epic Pro from GigaPan can’t wait to use it!

July 7, 2011

Google Nexus S 4g

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What I would like Google Android to make better…
Contacts search by any word in company name.
Example: I have several “cafe” entries. I would like the search function to show me ALL entry’s with the word “cafe” when I type it in to the contacts search field. Saugus Cafe will not show up unless I first spell Saugus, then Cafe.
My EVO was better… and my blackberry was best. On my bb if I typed “sa ca” ant entry with the first 2 letters sa and ca would show up in search. Android does not search contacts as well as my previous 12  blackberry for the last eight years.

July 4, 2011

Backup your twitter pictures.

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With so many online social sites jockying for us to upload to their site, this is a  good way to save all your twitter pictures.


Recommended by Leo Laporte

January 13, 2011

Proves my “now” has replaced “please” theory

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I saw this scrolling marquee on a vending machine today. I have been teaching the use of “NOW” as the “new magic word” for about 8 years…
Well word press wants $ from me to post a video, so I will post a link later that will take you to YouTube for free..

January 8, 2011

TAG Trans Inc. Launches web site.

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Mobile Dog Grooming and more. Give them a call and get a clean dog.

Good people with attention to detail and a lot of experience with animals.

Let em know you heard about them from Mike Dillin

December 20, 2010

Aruba and Columbia

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Aruba was so so. I don’t know what Natalie Holloway was doing there, I would not choose to go there for a vacation. It was ok for 4 hours. , I was the fourth person off the ship, I trudged in to town. I was in search of some good coffee and food. Any food other than the ships same flavor I had been eating for the last three days.

The first stop was a bread place that was off a few blocks from the main street. I got an Empanada with ham and cheese… yuk! They did not have coffee but after some confused looks on my face they offered to make me some coffee from their personal stash but I would have to wait…. and wait… then wala I had a hot cup of coffee made from fresh coffee crystals. I smiled and thanked them and tried to pay they would not take my money so I gave them a dollar and said thank you!

I wandered to another place I found on a corner that had 3 tables with chairs, ceiling fans, two large open doors  and a couple skinny dogs 3 ladies behind the counter selling Empanadas. I had a beef one this time and another cup of coffee “crystals” again.

I wandered some more and started running in to other lost people from the ship. We helped each other by following each other and rerouting each other. We were getting pretty deep in to nothing and needed to get back to civilization, got to be too many homeless and slums…  I found a movie theater and at the end of the walk I spied a place that looked good, I walked inside and saw the 2 group espresso machine. SUCCESS! I had some bitter espresso and then ordered the $10 meal and got the $18 one instead. LOL whatever I just payed the bill and left a good tip and was happy to have coffee food and free wifi.

Columbia Skyline! I talked to the customs agent on board ship and told him that I was looking for a diner café type place with old people that worked there like the ones I like to eat at back home where I live. He told me to go to Old Town, that a cab should cost between $6-$8 that they would try to charge $10-$15 but not to pay more than $10. Sure enough they wanted too much so I just started walking, by the time I got to the last cab he said he would take me for $12. I said okay and off we went. He dropped me off at the opening to Old Town. I walked in and walked around the old city and looked and walked and looked and walked some more. I saw junky places to eat and nowhere to sit down and enjoy a meal. Then I found a nicely painted yellow building with good smells coming from it. So I doubled back around the corner to find the entrance and no door? I went back around the corner and found a small port hole door and as I went to open it a guard like a cop asked me if he could help me. I said I would like to eat. He asked, If I had reservations? I laughed inside and paused. Then I said, no I did not have reservations. He asked me, how many? I said 1 just me. He opened the door and said follow me. This is the place to eat! Very fancy inside, cloth table cloths, cool air conditioning, good service and great food. I was one of 6 customers and a couple asked me where I was from? I told I was from the ship. He asked if the ship had told me about the place and I said ho no I just found it by walking and that I was sure that the ship did not have this place anywhere on their printed literature. I asked him where he was from and he said he was from Columbia but that he was on the ship. He was with his wife, they were waiting for a college mate of his that he hadn’t seen since college over 50 years.

Jeanette his wife told me that she called her sister and asked her what to have and her sister that eats at the restaurant once a month has the same thing every time so I took her suggestion and was glad I did. It was delicious meat rice black beans, avocado on a plantain. Desert was a surprise as I like to be surprised, some kind of coconut cake made with a cornbread base and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Paid the bill of $45, tipped waiter and helpers. On the way out a guy that looked like your typical Columbian with the hat and everything got my attention and asked me to his table. We had some small talk about business and his job. He was from Columbia also, he is working in Chicago something to do with computers using his Microsoft Certification. The Doctor called me back to his table to have a special desert made of some round very thin pancake discs, he smeared Carmel like paste and then made a desert sandwich. I had some more coffee then the five of us headed to the local docs car so we could be dropped off at the port. We were a bit late and as we were driving up the ships all aboard horn blew several times. I was a bit concerned because I could not see anybody around except the three of us as were walking through an empty terminal void of all people and we still had a 5 minute walk to the ship. I had thought I was in good hands being with 2 retired doctors and their wives but was a bit worried about the ship leaving… then a couple appeared out of nowhere also headed to the ship and then another couple and their 2 kids. I could see the ship now and we were in plain sight, the ropes were still tied to the ship. When the last 9 of us stragglers got aboard they paged 4 other people over the ships pa system. Apparently we weren’t the only ones missing!

December 18, 2010

Panama Canal cruise

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On my way again. Left Santa Monica this morning at 4am (tanks for the ride;)) after an hour and a half of sleep. Plane is headed to Ft. Lauderdale the in the ship Wednesday.
Made to Aruba. I spent the morning looking for Natalie. The locals thing she is still alive…
My new Skype mobile # is (310)776-9340

December 1, 2010

Gearing up.

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To relocate grandma to northern Ca. We leave Friday morning. Then I will return Saturday. I fly to Ft Lauderdale Monday then hop on the Coral Princess Wednesday for a 15 day cruise through the Panama Canal, stopping in Columbia, Mexico and other places I dint remember. Should be lots of fun!

November 14, 2010

Lots to talk about…

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I have not posted in a long time, I was thinking about what is going on in my life and thought I “should let it out” for those interested.

To catch up… I finished up work in Portland on the TV show “Leverage”. It was a good run from February to August. I had a lot of fun and did a lot of hard work with some great people. I looked for houses and made an offer on one that eventually was accepted after some negotiating. It only fell apart after the home inspection and septic inspection came back with $9300 in repairs. The owner wouldnt make a conssesion so I backed out. The house is STILL on the market 6 months later and dropped in value.?.?.

Shortly after coming back from Portland I went on to weekend trips one to Palm Springs and one to Key West Florida. Glad I did because as soon as I came back I got a call to work on Tra******ers 3 . Packed a bag and flew to Detroit Michigan for 2 days then drove to Cape Canaveral Florida.

We got to get up close and personal with the space shuttle it was a real impressive place to work for 5 days.



Spent a few hours in the sun on the beach on one of my 2 days off in a 25 day run of work. After Florida we drove to Washington D.C. I have never spent 5 days in DC and it was amazing how much money, OUR TAX MONEY is spent on huge buildings with office after office of people shuffling papers to shuffle papers. Huge old looking buildings over 5 stories high looking they were built in the 1800’s. I asked one of the workers how old these buildings were, he pointed at one and said that one was built in 1996 and then pointed to another and said it was built 2 years ago… LOTS of $ spent on fine architecture and making buildings out of stone look like the real deal old thing. Enough I could go on a rant… enough!

After the 5 day drive home from DC I was relaxed and looking forward to visiting my grandma and grandpa. Grandpa did not do too well in the hospital. He went in for gallstones and a gallbladder infection, he got pneumonia, went to ICU went out ICU, got better got worse and died in the hospital on November 2.

Very sad he is gone. Grandma is very sad, I cant imagine how sad because they were married 68 years. Got to take her to visit him in the morning on the day he passed and a couple times the week leading up to the second. I am sure he is in a better place and feel he is looking down on me writing this right now:) Larry Dillin worked and lived for 91 years, raised 3 sons, picked up my mom and me when I was born, volunteered several days a week up until about 6 months ago, drove around town, always had dinner with my grandma and to my knowledge breakfast and lunch too. He was a great example and I will miss him.

Took a plane to see Margee, Taz and the “Angles” figured I had better take the time NOW cause I dont know when work or vacation will call and I want to take time to watch them grow. I worked until the day I left and will start back the day after I get back. I am very lucky to have some great guys that keep me working and out of the poor house. When the plane landed in SLC I got a call from a neighbor friend that her dad died, she said he always liked me and that I should know… oh boy tears again. He was a nice guy and I used to like to take 5 to 10 minutes even when I “didn’t have the time” to talk with him if he was outside when I was coming or going. Hope to be able to go to his funeral friday then my grandpas on the weekend. I guess as I get older more and more people I know will die and more and more, then at some point it should tapper off due to the fact i will know fewer and fewre people then it will be my turn… at 130 that is the age I am going to die!

Been selling stuff on craigslist trying to live a smaller life.. I want to get down to 4 suitcases so that I can be more mobile.

February 23, 2010


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Press Release: Free coffee for the people!
Government Coffee is located in NE Portland Oregon, on the corner of NE Glisan St. and NE 31st St.
We are open from about 8am to 4ish pm Saturday and Sunday. We are GIVING away “specialty coffee” drinks like espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and others as well at regular drip coffee and hot chocolate.
We have free wi-fi and computers for you to check ur email, apply for a job or what ever else you might use a computer for.
We lik it when u bring a clean cup but if you don’t we will be glad to give you one;)
We use great coffees (examples: Stumptown, Newhall, Illy, Rosito Bisanni, and R.Jackson Ltd. Just to name a few)come by to see what we are brewing this weekend.
I started Government Coffee out of a passion for coffee. Frustrated by my favorite chains choosing to go for more profit from new fangled automatic push button machines. I want to provide a different and consistently perfect shot of espresso for each and every drink.

Mike Dillin
Founder, President, Barista, Dishwasher
Government Coffee
(707) 234-5546

January 7, 2010

My Mentor Leo Laport is tri-casting live from CES

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Watch Live from you computer http://live.twit.tv/or listen from your cell phone web browser http://twit.am/listen
CEO of Ford said when asked why he was driving a Lexus, “cause its the finest car in the world” then after he got the job at Ford he had a meeting with all the employees one asked why he joined Ford if Lexus was the finest car in the word… He said, “cause he wants to make Ford the finest car in the world” Leo Laporte interviewed him. I am excited for Ford! http://twit.tv/ces3 if you don’t have quicktime installed you will be prompted… it is ok to install;)

Water Proof 3 Year guarantee INDESTRUCTIBLE cell phone http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sonim-introduces-the-xp32-quest-pro—worlds-first-waterproof-dustproof-cell-phone-with-scratch-and-shockproof-gorilla-glass-and-a-3-year-unconditional-guarantee-80866482.html

Mike Dillin
(707) 2-dillin

December 20, 2009

I am Glad I am NOT with the ?best? and most expensive cell carrier Verizon…

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They just forced their users to use BLING from microsoft…

I just got a great deal from T-mobile… $79.99 Unlimited EVERYTHING, voice, email, text, web, and tethered modem with NO CONTRACT!!
I also like my google voice number with my google voicemail…
Try it (707) 2-Dillin

Glad I’m not with the most EXPENSIVE and ?BEST? cell carrier VERIZON

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They just forced their users to use BLING from microsoft…

I just got a great deal from T-mobile… $79.99 Unlimited EVERYTHING, voice, email, text, web, and tethered modem with NO CONTRACT!!
I also like my google voice number with my google voicemail…
Try it (707) 2-Dillin

November 28, 2009

Those Chinese are great!

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I went shopping at Home Depot and found a shelf up high with twin packs of no name 9 LED flash lights. $5.00 (after Fathers Day closeout) a pair so I bought some. They claim NOT to be water proof… but I just dropped one in to my fish tank 24″ deep and wouldn’t you know I was wearing long sleeve button shirt so 30 seconds later I took the light out and wrapped it in a towel and went to try and rescue it…
It works fine! Just a couple of drops of water got in to the head but battery compartment was fine switch too.
It’s nice when something works BETTER than it claims to.

November 3, 2009

Chicken Fried Steak at Cazadores Restaurant

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Great meal yum yum
Just turned in to a mexican name but before the name change Chicken Fried Steak used to be the #1 meal.
Huge portion and great light batter with big side of gravy with mash and bread NO VEGGIES … I love it!
Ask for Sara she was the “brave” one to wait on me and she gets an “A”
Food gets an “A” too.

By: Mike Dillin



On the road again

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Just spent a couple of great days in New Orleans, La. Got to see some friends, listen to Margies honey smooth voice, hear magic come from out of Dominick’s sax and watch wolfs fingers fly on his guitar while he sings as leader of his band.
Not to mention eat at Adolpho’s.
Missed Jimmy…rest his soul.
Must get back on the road…

October 30, 2009

Santa Monica to New Orleans

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The trip is going well cant wait to get to NOLAMike with glases

Sunrise on the city of Juarez

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